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Collection: E.g. Iris, Emily. All rugs within a collection will be priced the same. They will also be constructed in the same way, so will share common attributes such as material, thickness, and texture.

How It’s Made: Construction methods may include hand knotted, hand tufted, machine made, etc.

Indoor/Outdoor: Rugs made for indoor use should be used only indoors. Rugs made for outdoor use can be used inside or outside. They are easy to clean, and stand up to the elements.

Machine Washable: Some rugs can be washed in a washing machine. Please consider the size as well when selecting a machine washable rug. Although a rug may be machine washable, very large rugs may not fit in a residential machine and may need taken to a laundromat with larger commercial machines.

Made In:  This is the country the rug was manufactured in.

Main Colour: Rugs often contain multiple colours. Main colour means it is either the only colour (in the case of a solid coloured rug), or the colour that stands out first. Rugs are only classified as a nuetral colour (white, cream, grey) if there is no other colour in the rug. E.g. If the rug has a cream background, but has a blue pattern woven on it, the rug will be classed as Main Colour: Blue.

Majority Material: Sometimes rugs are made from multiple materials, such as a blend of wool & polyester. If a rug is composed of 90% or more of one material, it will be classed as that material. If no one material makes up 90% or more of then rug it will be classed as a blend. E.g. a 100% wool rug will be classed as Majority Material: Wool. If a rug is 90% wool, 10% Polyester it will be classed a Majority Material: Wool. If a rug is 85% Polyester, 15% Wool it will be classed as Wool/Polyester Blend. The majority material will be listed first. So, if a rug was 85% Polyester, 15% Wool, then it would be a Polyester/Wool Blend.

Pile Type: None/Flat – there are no vertical fibres. Cut –  has many vertical fibres, and is the most common pile type. It is similar to most wall to wall carpeting. Loop – is comprised of many threads knotted in a small circles (loops). This creates a firmer surface. Mixed: a variety of pile types are used to create patterns, and enhance the design of the rug.

Thickness: How thick the rug is. Useful to know if a door needs to open over it, or you use a mobility device such as a walker or wheelchair that may have trouble rolling over a thicker rug.


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