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1 Rug Sample

Choose to receive an 18" sample squares for any rug style you are interested in. The sample will let you see the colours & feel the texture of the rugs you like. You can then more confidently decide if you would like to order a full size rug. We encourage you to order a few samples, in case your first choice isn't quite what you expect.

What We Offer

- Over 10,000 area rug styles: Browse Area Rugs (opens in new window)

- An 18" sample square for most rugs

- Samples can be delivered to our store or your home/office, and are fully refundable when returned to our store.

- Over 200, 18" samples already in store

Notes on shopping our area rugs:

You can refine the rugs you see by using various options on the left hand side of the screen.

Size: Rugs will be near the size you select. E.g. if you choose 8' x 10', you may also see some rugs that are 7'6" x 9'6"

Material: This will show any rug that contains this material. E.g. if you select wool, you will see rugs that are 100% wool, but also rugs that may be a blend of wool and another material; such as 50% wool, 50% polyester.

Price Range: All rugs are graded $ - $$$$$ to let you know if it is a more or less expensive rug. Below is a chart showing the typical price range for each $ grade, for the most common sizes.


Want an exact price?

Contact usPlease include the rug collection e.g. "Cosmopolitan", style code e.g. COS-9102, & size e.g. 8' x 10'.

- Or look up the price on this PDF price listOnce the PDF is open, use ctrl+f to search for a rug collection. All rugs of the same size, from the same collection e.g. "Cosmopolitan" will be that same price.

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