Compare: Van Gogh Designs Vs. Stylus

Curious About The Difference Between Our Sofas (Made by Van Gogh Designs) And Stylus Sofas?

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  Van Gogh Designs Stylus
Made In:

- Canada (Surrey, BC)

- Canada

Frame Material

 - 100% Kiln Dried Baltic Birch.

- Combination of Hardwood + Engineered Hardwood

- From FSC Certified Forests

 - Kiln Dried Wood: species not specified

- Combination of Hardwood + Softwood (Not as Strong)

- FSC Certified, CSA Sustainable Forest Management

Frame Construction

- Interlocking Joints (Creates A Stronger Frame), Corner Blocks, Rails

- Stapled, Glued, Corner Blocked 
Customizable Frame

- Frame Length, Depth, and Height Can Be Customized To Suit Your Needs

- Frames Cannot Be Customized


- 2.1 lb Ultracell Foam: Higher Quality & Longer Lasting Than Conventional Foam.

- Produced Without CFCs or Methylene Chloride (Less Harmful to The Environment)

 - 2.0lb to 2.75 Polyurethane Foam

- CFC & Methylene Chloride Free


- Seats: No Sat 8 Guage Sinuous Springs

- Backs: No Sag 11 Guage Sinuous Springs

- Bridged Together For Durability & Comfort

- Teflon Coated Seat Clips Prevent Squesking

 - Not Specified

- 100% Pirelli Webbing

- Pirelli Webbing Is Made Of Natural Rubber Vs Less Expensive Elastistic Webbing

 - Not Specified
 Back Cushion Fill

- Polyester Fill

- Cushions Are "Channeled" to Ensure Foam Stays Evenly Distributed

 - Not Specified, But We've Been Told They Are Not "Channeled"
 Manufacturing Certification

- ISO 9001: 2015

- A Quality Management System That Ensures Products Are Produced With Consistent Quality and Efficiency

- This Results In Orders That Produce Less Waste, Are Produced on Time, And Consistently To The Correct Specifications

 - ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems