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Try (Almost) Any Counter Stool

Are you considering buying a counter stool, but would like to see it and sit it in first? If so, then purchase "Try Any Counter Stool". Simply fill in the name and colour of the stool you'd like to try and we will have a demo model brought in to the store for you to try out. You are under no obligation to purchase, and will be given a full refund of your $50 once you come try the stool out. Most stools take approx 1 week to arrive.

Please Note: While we will do our best to accomodate your request there are a few restrictions. Clearance stools are not available to be brought in on demo. In most cases we will not bring in a demo of a stool in another colour if we already have that stool on the floor to try. E.G. If we have a stool in black, but you're considering buying it in white we will not bring in a demo of the white, but we will likely have a material sample you can see. Limit of 1 demo stool per customer. We reserve the right to deny demo requests for other reasons not listed. Please select in store pick-up when checking out. When you come in to try the stool you will have the opportunity to bring it home to try out - we will require you pay in full for the stool, but will gladly refund your money when you return it to us in good condition.



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