Nicholson Dining Table - Glass Top (Clear), Steel Base (Choice of Colour) | 84 x 40

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Nicholson Dining Table


- 83.5" x 39.5" x 0.5"

- Clear Glass


- 83.25"l x 39.25"d

- Distance between legs at seat height (18") is 79.25"l, and 35.25"w

- Legs are 2" square

- Steel

- Choice of 14 colours (samples in store)


*Visit the manufacturer's website to try their interactive customization tool*


Custom Dining Tables

- Made in Canada (L'Islet, Quebec)

- Each table has multiple top options. This may include different materials (wood, glass, porcelain, etc), and sizes.

- We've listed each possible material & size combination as it's own product.

- There are hundreds of possible combos.

- Plus, all bases & most tops, come in different colour options.

- Delivery to our store takes 4-5 weeks (each table is made to order)

- Home delivery & assembly is available (charges will apply)