Return Policy

We Accept Returns Of Wall Art, Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, 18" Rug Samples, and Decor.

All Other Sales Are Final.

(Please Notify Us With 7 Days, If You Will Be Returning Something).

Not impressed by that policy? Here's some more info on why we have it.

At Lofty Ambitions we work very hard to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase decision before you buy, so you won't even want to return it.

We encourage you to ask lots of questions, borrow fabric samples, double check your measurements, and take as much time as you need before you decide to place an order. If we have a sample piece in the store, you can usually bring it home to test out. We'll let you borrow a dining chair, stool, side table, or art before placing an order to ensure the size/shape/comfort work for you. We also offer 18" samples of our area rugs. Sorry, sofas & dining tables have to stay in store ;)

When we run a sale, it is typically 1 month long to give you plenty of time to consider your purchase, and never feel pressure to make a quick decision just to get a sale price. Come in during the last week of a sale? We'll give you a 1 week extension so you have some time to think - just ask us to make a note of your name.

A large portion of our furniture is custom made to order just for you. Due to it's unique nature, it cannot be returned.

We choose to offer a wide selection, beyond what you will see displayed in store. To do this, we special order the majority of our non-custom pieces directly from our supplier's warehouses as needed. Typically they will not accept a return from us, and even if they do, there are large restocking fees (30%) + shipping fees applied. Due to the small physical size of our retail store, we have no extra space to store or display returned furniture. The trade off is more furniture styles, but less flexibility on returns.

If you have any questions or concerns about a product, please contact us before placing an order.

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Call 289-389-5465 or 1-855-563-8900

Stop by the store at 286 Ottawa St N, Hamilton, ON